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Model Town



2007, documentary, 14 minutes, SD video


In this story of deindustrialization, the residents of Hershey (Cuba) 

remember with nostalgia their town's past cultural and economic splendor.

Selected Screenings


2020          Anthology Film Archives, "The Cuban Nexus," US             

2013          Submerged: Alternative Cuban Cinema, US

2008          Institute of International Visual Arts, "States of Exchange,” UK 

2008          Ícaro Film Festival, Guatemala

2008          VIART Film Festival, Venezuela 

2008          FENAVID Film Festival, Bolivia 

2007          Havana Film Festival, Cuba 

2007          Muestra de Jóvenes Realizadores, Cuba

2007          Cine Plaza, Cuba 

2007          Almacén de la Imagen Film Festival, Cuba 

2007          Providence Festival of New Latin American Cinema, US

2007          Por La Vida Film Festival, Cuba 



2008          VIART Film Festival - Best Documentary

2008          FENAVID Film Festival - Best Documentary

2007          Havana Film Festival - Sara Gómez Prize

2007          Association of Audiovisual Schools of Latin America - Best Film

2007          Muestra de Jóvenes Realizadores - Best Sound

2007          Union of Cuban Writers & Artists’ Caracol Awards - Jury Prize

2007          Cine Plaza - Best Documentary

2007          Almacén de la Imagen - Grand Prize, Best Director

2007          Por La Vida Film Festival - Special Jury Mention

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